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Hubville evaluated 23 municipalities before the final selection of Vetlanda. The criteria include that the municipality should not be in proximity to a metropolitan area, and that there should be a railway. Also taken into consideration are the local conditions for innovation, as well as the local business community.

The site of Hubville is planned for Madhagen just north of the ”Lövhags traffic circle”. The area is identified as suitable for housing development in the municipality’s upcoming in-depth overview plan.

The collaboration with Vetlanda is primarily to collaborate on a new area for a few thousand homes.

For Vetlanda, it is a first step to exploit an area just over one square kilometer for new construction. The goal is for the first inhabitants to be able to move in in five years. The municipality of Vetlanda starts the planning process during the first quarter of 2020.

Vetlanda mayor Henrik Tvarnö, keynote speaker Tomas Björkman, and Hubville’s Anders Varger and Magnus Fransson, moderated by Pella Thiel.

Almedalen, Gotland, Sweden, July 3rd 2019

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