We create the conditions for a society where people are involved, where they cooperate and feel secure. It provides us with conditions for development and well-being as social and professional individuals, and is a society within the framework of ecology.

Today, it is far too difficult for individuals to make the ”correct” decision, and the effects of individual choices are limited. We want to change that.

We know that there is a need and a market for such a lifestyle. By creating attraction for the ecologically and socially sustainable society, we will create a model that will be scaled up to other municipalities in Sweden and abroad. We will lead the development towards the sustainable society towards our vision and to establish our business in several locations.

The concept is being developed in several areas that are combined and developed during 2020 and 2021. Hubville is about combining technical solutions and allowing these to encourage new behavioral patterns. It is also about designing new processes in areas such as consumption, food supply and transport, and among other things through the circular models that are already designed.

The Hubville concept currently focuses on two parts, in both cases in municipalities outside the metropolitan regions:

One is to revitalize rural municipalities where the existing urban areas needs to be vitalized with new housing and workplaces. It extends from a few thousand homes upwards. The new urban area aims to attract new skills and competitiveness.

Within the rural municipalities there is a potential to offer a different kind of life quality, that does not exist in metropolitan regions.

In addition, the new city district will be extensive in relation to the existing urban area, giving opportunities to apply comprehensive ecological and social work methods and structures to extend to the existing urban area. By creating attractiveness to the countryside, we hope to be a role model to many smaller municipalities’ sustainability shifts.

Hubville also wants to build a new climate-neutral city in the size of 150,000 – 300,000 inhabitants. A city of that dignity has the opportunity to have a major impact on structures at a national level, for example to promote climate-smart national transportation for persons and goods, changing food systems and implementing circular models. Our goal is to build such a city in Sweden that connects Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen with efficient transportation.

For us, economic sustainability is a natural consequence of an environment in which people feel good, cooperate and develop. It is the breeding ground for a success that takes off from creativity and collaboration. From a demand perspective, sustainability is one of the big mega trends, and those who are young today will place ever higher demands on employers, such as consumers and as investors that companies are comfortable. In all respects. That is the competitiveness of the future, and it is now that the forward-looking companies are adapting their business models.

The main objective of planning and constructing a city is to be a role modele to existing major cities’ mitigation efforts, with the aim of shifting sustainability work from slow incremental change to faster, more extensive and disruptive restructuring.

Please contact us if you would like to participate in the design of Hubville.

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